[b-hebrew] Even-Shoshan + Verb recognition

Noam Eitan noameitan at yahoo.com
Sat May 22 12:53:05 EDT 2004

>Dear All,


>For example - Following a reading of Genesis 4:1:  The verb TeLeD

>(supposedly an imperfect that I absolutely can not fit into any known

>conjugation) Working on the premise that I am at fault in my understanding I

>try to look it up.  It is listed on page 468 under number 146. And yes this

>provides, in this instance, no further understanding of the way this

>imperfect?? is conjugated.


>Thankyou, Chris.


TeLeD is listed under the root YLD. TeLeD (ignoring the waw in Genesis 4:1) is Qal Imperfect 3fs (could be in theory also 2ms, but is meaningless and does not exist, as long as males do not give birth – Jer 30:6) of a specific subtype of weak verbs, i.e., weak verbs starting with a Yod where the first consonant of the verbal root drops off in every form of the imperfect inflection and the imperfect preformative vowel is Tsere throughout. Verbs of this type are difficult to recognize because the initial consonant Yod is lost, leaving only the second and third consonants of the verbal root. (The Yod in the 3ms and 3mp [YeLeD, YeLDu – does not exist for this root] forms is the Imperfect preformative and not the first consonant of the verbal root). Other examples: TeSheV,  from YShV (to sit); TeLeCh, from HLCh (to go), which inflects in the same way despite the H instead of Yod.


Even shoshan doesn’t get into that – how can he? A different issue I have with him is that on about 3-5 occasions I looked up words that were not mentioned at all in his concordance, and I’m pretty sure I checked the right place. He did not work with a computer.


Noam Eitan , Brooklyn

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