[b-hebrew] Even-Shoshan + Verb recognition

wattswestmaas wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Sat May 22 07:10:43 EDT 2004

Dear All,

Please could someone enlighten me with their expertise:  This has often
happened and I need now to understand why.  Sometimes when I look up a verb
in Even shoshan's concordance there is often a descriptive absence of its
form under the root.

For example - Following a reading of Genesis 4:1:  The verb TeLeD
(supposedly an imperfect that I absolutely can not fit into any known
conjugation) Working on the premise that I am at fault in my understanding I
try to look it up.  It is listed on page 468 under number 146. And yes this
provides, in this instance, no further understanding of the way this
imperfect?? is conjugated.

Thankyou, Chris.

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