[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53 read within the book as a whole

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I don't want to get off topic from b-hebrew, but this sounds very similar to the idea once proposed by NT commentators that when a debt was owed, it was also placed in a public place and when it was paid a nail was put through it. It was argued that Paul (although his authorship of Colossians is questioned by NT scholars) used this analogy when he wrote about the writings and ordinances being "nailed" to the cross of Christ. (Col.2:14)Is anyone familiar with this?

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Toronto, Canada
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> Harold:
> Years ago I heard another description of 
> Kapalayyim, but that was in a speech and 
> I don’t know if it was accurate. The 
> speaker said that when a debt was owed, a 
> document stating the fact was posted in a 
> public place, usually in the town gate. 
> When the debt was paid off, the debt 
> document was folded over indicating 
> repayment. That folding over was called a 
> Kapalayyim.
> My question: is there any historical or 
> archeological evidence that would show 
> this, or was the speaker blowing hot air?
> Karl W. Randolph.
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> > Dear David,
> > 
> > I like this idea that Isaiah 53 explains how 
> > Israel received double for all her sins, and I 
> > will have to try and read Isaiah that way to see 
> > if it works.  I have always understood double to 
> > imply that Israel had been punished twice as much 
> > as she had sinned. And much in Scripture suggests 
> > Israel will be punished terribly before ultimate 
> > peace and victory comes. So while I accept all 
> > that you said and am grateful that you said it, 
> > the words of Isaiah 40 still seem enigmatic.
> > 
> > 					Yours,
> > 					Harold Holmyard
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