[b-hebrew] Improvements to the Unicode/XML Tanach. (21 May 2004)

Christopher V. Kimball kimball at ntplx.net
Fri May 21 09:09:41 EDT 2004

A number of improvements have been made to the site at

http://users.ntplx.net/~kimball/Tanach/Tanach.xml .

Changes often induce errors, please let me know as they come up.

The  morphological division marks are now included in the XML files.  That 
is, the transcribed text includes all of the textual items in the input WLC 
text.  Consequently, the XML content tag and its subtags,  qere, ketiv, 
vowels, cantillation, pesamekh, eol, notes, and morphologicaldivisions has 
been eliminated. This and all future versions will have full content.

Significant improvements to the display have been made.  A new "Content" 
switch on a book page provides 4 choices of characters to be 
displayed.  The default "Accents" value displays the consonants, vowels, 
and cantillation marks.  The "Vowels" value displays consonants and vowels; 
the "Consonants" value displays only the consonants.  For clarity, the sof 
pasuq and the maqaf are considered as consonants. Further, the value 
"Morphology" displays all possible content: consonants, vowels, 
cantillation marks, and morphological dividers.

The former "View" switch has been relabeled "Layout".  In addition to the 
previous "Verses" and "Chapters" values, it now contains a "Simplified" 
value.  With the "Simplified" value the text display is similar to that of 
the "Chapters" layout but without ketib entries, pe/samekh markers, notes, 
and chapter/verse numbers.

The number of right-to-left marks (u+200f) in the text has been 
reduced.  This facilitates highlighting, copying, and pasting of the text 
onto UTF-8 applications.

The Excerpt feature now works correctly in Netscape, Mozilla, and FireFox 

Chris Kimball

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