[b-hebrew] BRCH (bless) & MoReH(former rain)

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Fri May 21 04:15:05 EDT 2004


Concerning MWRH, in Joel 2:23 it looks as 
if it is meant two different ways: first 
time as a teacher and the second time as 
the former rains. Same spelling, two 
different words.

Though BRKH usually means “blessing”, 
about 17 times it refers to a source of 
water, such as a pond or spring.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "wattswestmaas" <wattswestmaas at eircom.net>

> It was about a year ago that I posed a similar question to the board.  But I
> notice some new names so i hope you do not mind this again.
> The word BRCH?  Some say that the word has connotations and links with 'a
> spring of water' (rabbinical source) others propose the idea of 'the bent
> knee' (christian source)?  Are there any comments?
> Also I would like to understand the background use (pertaining to its root
> YRH) of the word MoReH as used in Joel chapter 2.  Since GeSHeM is the most
> frequently used word for rain I am wondering whether or not MoReH is
> specifically Latter rain.  Then of course this is the same word used for
> LATTER and FORMER.  Also would any one have any serious objections if I was
> to translate this word as:"A teacher'? as has been suggested.
> Thankyou, Chris.
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