[b-hebrew] Mo'ed - Annual for Jewish Studies, Vol. 14

Jonathan D. Safren yonsaf at beitberl.ac.il
Fri May 21 02:27:27 EDT 2004

The Center for Jewish Culture at Beit Berl College is pleased to announce
the publication of Volume 14 (2004) of Mo'ed - Annual for Jewish Studies
(New Series 2). This is the second volume of Mo'ed, which both continues and
replaces our previous annual, Mehqere Hag - A Journal of Jewish Culture.
Mo'ed is a refereed annual devoted to all branches and periods of Jewish
Studies, and welcomes original contributions in these fields in both Hebrew
and English. Mo'ed publishes English abstracts of all the Hebrew articles,
including review essays, and vice versa.  Guidelines for Contributors appear
at the beginning of each volume of Mo'ed. Referees are chosen from among
scholars, both Israeli and foreign, specializing in the fields to which the
articles pertain.
The final date for submission of articles for Vol. 15 (2005) is September
30, 2004.
You are invited to submit/renew your subscription to the new series. The
contents of Vol. 14 are listed below.
Jonathan D. Safren, Editor
Mo'ed - Annual for Jewish Studies
Center for Jewish Culture
Beit Berl College
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English Section

Dimitri Slivniak,  "Living Without Moses: Rhetorical Srategies in
Nancy  Rosenfeld  and Yitzhak (Itzik) Peleg, "Let Me Die with the
 Phlistines": Samson Agonistes and the Samson of Judges as Prophets"
Nachman Levine, "Teki'at Shofar: Time, Birth, Motherhood"
Joshua Yarden, "Emancipatory Education and Religious Tradition"
Yehuda Gellman, "Review Article - Elliot N. Dorff, Love Your Neiighbor as
Yourself: a
                               Jewish Approach to Modern Personal Ethics"

Hebrew Section

Meir Bar-Ilan, "The Different Times in Genesis 1"
Victor Avigdor Hurowitz, "The Appearance of the Priest"
Amnon Shapira, "The Scroll of Esther as Moral Amendment of the Story of
Sagit Mor, "Trials of Prisoners' Loyalty in Talmudic Literature"
Abraham Ophir Shemesh, "The 'bardelas'
Arie Don, "The Question of Creation: Maimonides vs. Aristotle"
Mayer I. Gruber, "Why modim anahnu lakh"
Meir Bar-Ilan, "Review Article - Rachel Elior, Temple and Chariot, Priests
                                         Angels, Sanctuary and Heavenly
Sanctuaries in Early Jewish

The volume costs $12.00, plus an additional $2.00 per volume for postage and
handling (in Israel - NIS 50.00, postage and handling included).
At this time we would like to remind subscribers that a limited number of
copies of Volumes 1-12 of Mehqere Hag and of Mo'ed 13 are still available,
at the same price. Orders of five or more volumes will receive a discount of
20% per volume.

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