[b-hebrew] addendum to "Isaiah 53 read within the book as a whole"

David Kummerow farmerjoeblo at hotmail.com
Thu May 20 21:57:55 EDT 2004

Dear B-Hebrew,

I have just reread my original post regarding reading Isaiah 53 in the book 
as a whole and apologise for some significant typos - I wrote it early this 
morning when I couldn't sleep and it probably shows. Anyway, a couple of 
points to clarify:

1. In the 4th paragraph which begins "For me at least..." add the word "is" 
between "exile" and "indicative" to make the sentence read: However, within 
chs. 40-55
exile is indicative [and perhaps metaphoric] of Israel’s greater problem, 
problem of sin.

2. Paragraph 10, which (ambiguously) begins "The section begins with echoes 
of ch. 40..." should have been preceded, probably at the conclusion of the 
previous paragraph, with something like: "The broad sketch is given in 
40:1-51:11; in 51:12-55:12 the details are filled in." When I said "The 
section begins" I was meaning the section 51:12-55:12. Justification for 
seeing a structural break here is found in Webb's article.

I hope this clarifies matters. I don't (and didn't) have time to present an 
exegesis of much of chs. 40-55, and the discussion so far has anyway centred 
on ch. 53. Nevertheless, it should be clear how ch. 53 fits within the 
context of chs. 40-55 and the book as a whole, which was the point of the 


David Kummerow,

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