[b-hebrew] BRCH (bless) & MoReH(former rain)

wattswestmaas wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Thu May 20 17:24:40 EDT 2004

It was about a year ago that I posed a similar question to the board.  But I
notice some new names so i hope you do not mind this again.

The word BRCH?  Some say that the word has connotations and links with 'a
spring of water' (rabbinical source) others propose the idea of 'the bent
knee' (christian source)?  Are there any comments?

Also I would like to understand the background use (pertaining to its root
YRH) of the word MoReH as used in Joel chapter 2.  Since GeSHeM is the most
frequently used word for rain I am wondering whether or not MoReH is
specifically Latter rain.  Then of course this is the same word used for
LATTER and FORMER.  Also would any one have any serious objections if I was
to translate this word as:"A teacher'? as has been suggested.

Thankyou, Chris.

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