[b-hebrew] Is51:9

UUC unikom at paco.net
Thu May 20 15:17:49 EDT 2004

Dear Harold,

hzv, again, has positive, creative connotation. The example you offered, Hos6:5, only proves my point: 

I hewed (hzv) them by the prophets

Prophets didn't kill or cut to pieces, they hewed people into good Jews.

Now, returning to Is51:9,

mahzevet is causative of hzv, so, made the one to hew, therefore,

Are not you the one who made the rahab (Egypt) who hews the stones (made pyramids?), [and the one who] shocks the crocodile (pharaoh; makes him tremble, or empties)

The meaning is that the power of Almighty is two-folded, to give and to empty of, to help and to make tremble.


Vadim Cherny

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