[b-hebrew] Prophetic Perfect? Psalm 107

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Dear Ken,

Tanakhic grammar is not always strict.
There is a certain percentage of incorrect or loose usage of prepositions -
and, certainly, of the verb tenses. I guess you would encounter about the
same ratio of errors both in the simple tenses in in wa's and we's. These
are the scribal errors, not refutation of the tenses. I don't think medieval
English always uses tenses correctly, but you won't argue on existense of
tenses there.


Vadim Cherny

> Am I understanding you correctly, Liz, that you think in Biblical Hebrew
> QATALs and WAYYIQTOLs are always absolute past (the event precedes the
> speech), and YIQTOLs and WEQATALs are always future or jussive (the speech
> precedes the event)?
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> > I don't see a problem in the psalm. I would translate the
> > verbs the way
> > I always do: The WAYYIKTOBs, and KATABs are narrative past, the
> > YIKTOBs, WEYIKTOBs are either future or jussive.
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