[b-hebrew] Jer. 50, 51

Julie Devall krena_li_mara at hotmail.com
Wed May 19 08:56:02 EDT 2004

Dear Rolf,

First, I understand the necessity of narrowing ones' topic to a manageable 
corpus, but what you've done by working within what you've already *labeled* 
as prophetic skews your data.  I'm asking you to look at the larger corpus, 
not just a small part which <i/may/> be *elevated* or *irregular* in some 
way (as in poetry...but not assuming that they are) , that is develop a 
baseline theory of tense (beyond your genre).  Now, you may have done this, 
but to put your view in context, you would need to explain your findings, 
(which may take b-hebrew full circle...)

Now, if we review the b-hebrew archives where this has been discussed in 
detail, we see this done ad nauseum by men that are better than I ;)


Julie :)

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