[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53

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I could have sworn that the wacons form of נתן was וַיִּתֶן (or something
similar)! I must just have been out of it. Now that I have looked at it,
וַיִּתֵּן is the regular wacons form (as far as I can see).

תודה רבה
יונה מישאל בן אברהם

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> Dear Jason,
> Would you clarify your point? wayiten with the same vowelization is found
> Gen1:17, etc
> >I thought that the wacons (vav-consecutive) form of NTN נתן was pointed
> differently: vayiten (with a penultimate stress and a segol in the
> So, I would take the text as it is as a future tense because the vowel
> quality is not shifted for the wacons.<
> Sincerely,
> Vadim Cherny

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