[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53

UUC unikom at paco.net
Wed May 19 03:28:20 EDT 2004

Dear Peter,

If you respect the ancient interpretation, or, at any rate, translation by
the authorities to the point of not arguing with it, you don't need to learn
Hebrew. Everything was translated two thousand something years ago. Read
Septuagint, eat, drink, and be merry.


Vadim Cherny

>    Can we quit this Isaiah 53 interpretation thing? I sense that there are
some people in the group who do not respect how ancient translators
interpreted the passage (e.g. LXX), and how modern translators interpret the
passage as well. A private interpretation that does not really consider
these two aspects of scholarship needs to be kept private. Wow! I am not too
sure that such statements will end this discussion, but I feel it has gone
too far.
> Peter Gordon
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