[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53: In his death?

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Tue May 18 01:29:11 EDT 2004

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>> > 2) The form )eT that appears twice in Isa 53:9 is the normal form for
>>> the preposition "with" when it is preceded by a maqqeph. (snip)

>>Yes, but why then does that not come across in the Greek? (snip)

>HH: I don't think the LXX translators did a good job on the first line of Isa 53:9. (snip)

Generally, the lens of the Septuagint is a poor one through which to analyze the Hebrew -AramaicText.
In regards to Isaiah 53, there is a fascinating article on this regard ...

"The LXX, 1 QIsa, and Mt Versions of Isaiah 53 and the Christian Doctrine of Atonement".
by  Daniel Sapp - 
In the book - "Jesus and the Suffering Servant - Isaiah 53 and Christian Origins" 

Daniel Sapp discusses how the LXX differs radically from the Masoretic Text and from the DSS ... 

Steven Avery
Queens, NY

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