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> >David:
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> >What is at stake here is not the legality of the action, as we
> >understand it, rather the action. This is giving something of
> >value to get the recipient to do something that he normally may
> >not do. In that way, a king can bribe another king.
> >
> >An example of a “legal” bribe is in U.S. politics, where a large
> >donation is given to a politician’s re-election campaign so that
> >the politician will do certain things that the “donor” wishes.
> >
> >Usually, however, bribes are recognized as a way to pervert justice.
> >
> >Karl W. Randolph.
> >
> >
> Or, in many parts of the world, a gift is still a normal part of any
> transaction.  It is usually seen as a way to establish/strengthen a
> relationship which will then lead to the desired result.  For those of us
> brought up to believe that public servants, etc should do their work
> impartially without regard to the person they are dealing with, this can be
> a very frustrating part of dealing with other cultures.
> Kevin Riley
And most of the reports I read about those gifts call them “bribes”.

Karl W. Randolph.

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