[b-hebrew] Significant improvements to the Unicode/XML Tanach

Christopher V. Kimball kimball at ntplx.net
Mon May 17 21:05:21 EDT 2004

The Unicode/XML Tanach is now transcribed from the Westminister Leningrad 
Codex (WLC) maintained by the Westminister Hebrew Institute.  The WLC has 
approximately 1500 improvements over the 1987 Oxford Text Archive (OTA) 
text from which previous versions of the Unicode/XML Tanach were 
transcribed.  Further, the WLC is actively maintained by scholars at the 
Westminister Hebrew Institute.

Excerpts from a book can now be displayed. See the "Syntax" link on each 
book's page to learn how to specify an excerpt.

The Unicode/XML Tanach is available at:

http://users.ntplx.net/~kimball/Tanach/Tanach.xml .

It is free and may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes.

Chris Kimball

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