[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53: In his death?

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Dear Ben,

Using be as "when" is more than highly unusual.

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>  B:MoTaYW in Isaiah 53:9 is a common use of the prefix B: to mean "when"
>  something happened or will happen. "In his death" means "when he dies" or
>  "at the time of his death". Methuselah M:TuW$aLaX can be construed to
>  "when I die it will happen" (namely, the Flood happened the year the
oldest of
>  all died). His father Enoch was a prophet (Jude 1:14).
>  This in Isaiah 53:9 is a prophecy of the donation of a new grave by
Joseph of
>  Arimathaea in Matthew 27:57-60. The meaning of Isaiah 53:9 remained an
>  until Matthew 27 explained it. At the time of the death of the Suffering
>  Servant, a rich man laid him in his own very expensive tomb.
>  QiB:RoW means "one made his grave...". This is the impersonal "one"
>  "someone or other". That someone was Joseph of Arimathaea.
>  One cannot expect Jews who still reject Jesus of Nazareth as their
Messiah to
>  accept this interpretation.
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