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On 16/05/2004 12:29, Unikom-Ug Corp. wrote:

>I'm not sure if this list is a proper place to ask, but perhaps someone can explain me:
>are there any grammatical (not doctrinal) reasons beyond the change of "Elizabeth" etymology from Jezebel in Weekley to Elisheba?
Well, where I come from my head might be in danger for linking my 
queen's name to that of Jezebel. :-)

"Elizabeth" is highly unlikely to derive from "Jezebel" as the order of 
the consonants is different, and because a good Jewish woman was called 
Elizabeth and would surely not have been named after the evil queen Jezebel.

Consider the variant forms Jehoshabeath in 2 Chronicles 22:11 and 
Jehosheba in 2 Kings 11:2. -Sheba (masculine) became -Shabeath 
(feminine), which could easily become -Sabet in Greek (Luke 1:7) because 
Greek has no letter "sh", and thence -Zabeth in English. So the 
underlying Hebrew was probably Elishabeath, which would be a variant of 

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