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Well, a "bribe" is in an unlawful or unethical gift.  It is a gift intended
to produce illegal or unethical behavior in the recipient, particularly the
perversion of justice, then it is a bribe.  Otherwise, it is just a present
or gift with no unlawful connotations.

David Eugene Kimbrough

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Dear One and All,

Subject: Proverbs 17:8.

The question here centres on the word that is translated as 'gift' and
'bribe'; and also on the 'object' of the proverb either as 'the person' who
is the recipient of the 'gift/bribe' or the 'it' ie the gift/bribe itself.

Personally speaking I favour 'gift' even though this word is often
translated as bribe elswhere, this is very much linked to the somewhat
esthetical sense of the word 'stone of grace' and its position in the
sentence?. Anyway please elucidate me with your grammatical intuitions.  I
learn good things from these heated debates.

Much appreciated - Chris from Ireland

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