[b-hebrew] Re: Isaiah 53: In his death?

Deborah Millier deborahmillier at yahoo.com
Sun May 16 12:19:32 EDT 2004


I'm not trying to utterly dismiss your translation or
ideas...but SHEESH!...you seem to be excessively
dismissive of ancient translations and other witnesses
that give us a porthole into Isa 53's interpretational
history.  Can you be so sure that you know the
intricacies of classical Hebrew better than the OG
translators and/or those who published the Targumim? 
Did they know nothing of their people's language?

I'm enjoying the thread and am not calling for it to
cease (I almost ALWAYS hate it when others do that),
but it seems clear enough to me that you are here to
teach everyone else why yours is the correct rendition
and you do not seem very open to any divergent
viewpoints.  True?

Your initial post looked to me to be a challenge:
"I'll jump into the ring with the b-hebrew crowd and
see what I'm made of."  And subsequent posts haven't
done much to change my initial impression.

I know that my comments/observations might be contrued
as pure ad hominem in order to avoid the implications
of your new ideas.  However, I am trying to let some
of your points sink in--and there are some good ones. 
I don't want to be as dismissive of contrary evidence
as some other people.  :-)

-- Michael Millier

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