[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53: the arm

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Sun May 16 12:07:23 EDT 2004

On extinguishing the arguments on bemotaw, perhaps we can discuss another

Vs. 1: And on whom the arm of God was revealed?
Common translation "to whom" is implauisble, since the preposition is al.
Although interpreted as some kind of revelation or divine power given to
the man, this verse has the opposite meaning. iad of God only denotes the
crushing power of God. With al, it means to cause bitterness. It is never
beneficial to the object of application. Isaiah has a tendency of
employing archaic zroa instead of iad, but meaning is basically the same.
Therefore, the man did not possess any sign or power, but someone (and
antecedent is not that man, in my opinion) was punished by God.

Any objections, please?


Vadim Cherny

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