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Sun May 16 11:33:31 EDT 2004

Dear Dave,

Perhaps because Hebrew is more natural for me, I was never really
interested in academic discussions on grammar. For all practical issues,
there are of course tenses in Hebrew, and with certain caveats they are
clear and easy to apply.
Even if, say, 10 or 15% of the Tanakic verb entries are in a possibly
wrong tense, this relates to the scribes' accuracy.
I would be curious to see arguments to the contrary, if you can refer me
to a publication, preferably a one available on the Internet.


Vadim Cherny

>I suggest you spend some serious time in the archives before making such a
statement.  There have been beaucoup discussions of this very question and
it's far from settled.  Don't try to treat it as though it's a done deal,
because it most definitely isn't.<

On Sunday 16 May 2004 01:43, unikom at paco.net wrote:
> Dear Rolf,
> You can't be serious on that. Out of head, 90% of wa's reverse the tense.
> Those that don't represent probably the same percentage of the erroneous
> tenses as encountered in the verbs without wa. Wa's overwhelmingly do
> reverse the tense, wouldn't you agree with this?
> conclusion, there is no evidence that qatal and weqatal are separate
> and independent conjugations or that they have different origins.
> I agree that there is no difference between the two forms - weqatal
> is a qatal with the conjunction WAW prefixed.<
> Best regards,
> Vadim

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