[b-hebrew] "Justice" in hebraic thinking

wattswestmaas wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Sun May 16 10:25:52 EDT 2004

Hello all, I would like peoples' comments please on the following:

The word TSaDaK (justice) is never used in a negative way unlike in western
thinking; by this I mean that we would say that justice is done when the
guilty are punished.  But in hebrew I can only find Justice being used to
"Aquit the Innocent".  My immediate thinking was that i was simply being
pedantically ridiculous, but this concept of never applying the word
"Justice" to the enacment of a sentence against the guilty does have wider
implications - biblically speaking.  When I consider the opposites to this
word I do not find the idea of "injustice" but rather more descriptive words
such as moral distortion, perverse and iniquity.  Obvious I know,  for this
lies at the heart of injustice; as I said comments and rejections are
appreciated. Chris.

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