[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53: In his death?

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Sun May 16 01:44:33 EDT 2004

Dear Schmuel,

I already replied re.Ezek., and in Jeremiah "they die the deaths" - of
course, plural. Your example of Adam, mot tamut, is irrelevant - it is
It's plain ludicrous (since you're citing others, I don't mean to offend
you by that) to compare motei to hayim (itself the word of highly debated
morphology), since motei refers to completed act - accentuated in Is53 by
the past tense of "he gave." Hayim is always is dual (not plural!), while
mot is sing.

>Motay is a plur. exaggerativus here, as in Ezekiel xxviii. 10 (compare
memothe in Ezekiel xxviii 8 and Jer. xvi. 4); it is applied to a violent
death, the very pain of which makes it like dying again and again<

Best regards,

Vadim Cherny

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