[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53: In his death?

unikom at paco.net unikom at paco.net
Sun May 16 01:34:50 EDT 2004

Dear Liz,

Disregarding the vowels would lead you far away in Tanakh. Unless we
accept that Masoretic vowelization is generally correct, we can read
consonantal any way one wishes.
Besides, plural is not the only problem with "in his death" reading. The
furthest you can go, is "one gave in his death with rich." Makes any sense
to you?

Best regards,


Why not just emend the text, use the consonantal
text, and be done with it?
Or, go with the versions. At Qumran, Isaiah A has BWMTW,
his altar? singular anyway. The Greek has
tou thanatou autou, singular. The Vulgate has
sepulchrum suum, singular.
I don't think the plural needs to be read here.

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