[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53: In his death?

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On 15/05/2004 12:15, al cantley wrote:

>In Psalm 110:1, 5  it is clear that at least 2 YHWH's are mentioned in
>OT Scriptures. The "lord" referred to in verse 1 at YHWH's right hand is
>identified in verse 5 as YHWH also (one of the 134 emendations of the
>scribes). ...

I'm not sure where you get this from, unless you have been confused by 
the New Testament quotations of verse 1 which use the same word KURIOS 
for YHWH and ADON. The personal references in the psalm seem clear: 
there is one YHWH, also called ADONAY in v.5 in some texts, who is 
speaking and promising help to the human "my lord" (ADON) of v.1 who is 
referred to as "you" in the rest of the psalm. No sign of a second YHWH.

>... Another instance that seems to me to imply this is Zech 12:10:
>	(KJV) Zechariah 12:10  and they shall look upon me whom they
>have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as 	one mourneth for his
>only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in
>bitterness for his firstborn. 
>It appears to me that the "me" and the "him" cannot refer to the same
>person/entity; but because of my limited Hebrew understanding I request
>some help.

Well, it looks to me from the Hebrew as if the "him" must be the same as 
the one "whom they have pierced", and the oddity here is how the "me" 
fits in. But the grammar doesn't suggest the death of two different 
people. Hebrew is not as consistent in its use of personal pronouns as 
we expect English to be.

>Looking for other "witnesses" from the NT, I find several. ...

The rest of this is surely off topic for this list.

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