[b-hebrew] Re: agent or patient in Psa. 33:12?

Deborah Millier deborahmillier at yahoo.com
Sat May 15 10:43:03 EDT 2004

Liz F. wrote:

> NO.
> You want LW to be the object of BXR.
> You want LW to be the thing chosen.
> LW can NEVER be the thing chosen....
> I am saying the same thing over and 
> over again.  I'm not responding to this 
> thread any more.

Hi Liz.  Sorry to have frustrated you so much!  :-) 
Look, I'm not trying to coax another response from you
to this thread.  You have stated your decision

However, I did want to clear up a couple of items:

1) It was/is NOT my *position* or my *argument* that
"the people chose YHWH."  That was how I initially
read the verse a few weeks back, and my **questions**
were intended to discover why this impression was
probably *not* correct.  In other words, I
didn't/don't have a dug in stance; I didn't/don't
"want" the text to say anything...beyond what it says.
 So please don't read me as if I did/do.  :-)

2) I know it was my fault communicating, and my
hurried and sloppy translation didn't help, but I
NEVER was seeing LW as the object of BXR.  NEVER!  So
your frustration was rising from a belief that I held
a position which I in fact never held.  

I understand why you thought that, however.  :-)

My question was, "Why syntactically couldn't H(M
choose YHWH...LW (i.e., for itself)...if YHWH could
choose H(M...LW (i.e., for Himself), since both H(M
and YHWH are ms?"  I think Karl, Jerry, Harold, and
Peter have given me adequate syntactic and contextual
reasons why my initial impression is untenable.  Call
me dense; this is how I learn.

Thanks for yours everyone's help.

--Michael Millier


Liz wrote:

> I don't know of languages where 
> the objects are dropped.

Wouldn't modern Hebrew be one?  Examples:



"ANI, ANI!!!"

Once the object has been established by context,
modern Hebrew speakers *often* drop the object, don't

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