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Sat May 15 02:28:05 EDT 2004

What do you mean? There is only one known Hebrew text of the chapter 53
(except a minor deviation in Qumran and known Masoretic notes). What does
it have to do with the Septuagint?
When I mention standard translation, it is what more or less every English
Bible contains. Most "usual translation" quotes are from the NRSV. English
Bibles represent LXX quite faithfully.
If your point is that the authors of the Septuagint produced the original
wrong Greek translation, I won't argue with this, although of course I
have great doubts that the LXX was produced by Jews, because glaring
errors reveal non-native Hebrew speaker. I'm not accusing modern
Christians of mistranslation, you see; the issue is simply what reading is


Vadim Cherny

   Much of your alleged "Christian misinterpretation" of this unit of
God's Word is based on the LXX (Septuagint) translation of the First
Testament, which was the result of Jewish scholars during the period of
the 2nd Temple.
   Perhaps you need to take a look at how they translated this section of
God's Word.

Gordon Goltz<

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