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Dear Vadim,

I am very curious about what exactly it is that you are trying to prove!
The Jews in the first century that saw this passage as a graphic portrayal
of the Son of God suffering and then being ressurected as the Promised
Messiah were not the first,  there are early rabbinical commentaries  that
would not agree with your translation.  Even today in Israel Rabbis who
refute that this passage is about a suffering Messiah have not mutilated it
but have rather turned its content to refer to Israel itself as the
suffering servant for the nations;  it then follows that if your translation
is truly a new enlightenment   -  Oh dear me! We have a problem.

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Dear Harold,

That sounds familiar  :)
In Soviet times, we had people criticizing dissident writers during the
communist party meetings with the like words, something as, "I didn't read
this book, but it contradicts our ideal."

Go on, try to argue


Vadim Cherny

>Dear Vadim,

I have not looked at your work on Isaiah 53 in depth, but it looked
strange and far out and basically wrong.

Harold Holmyard

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