[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53

Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at umich.edu
Fri May 14 09:24:51 EDT 2004

> Gentlemen:
Uh, how about Ladies and Gentlemen?
Or Sirs and Mesdames?
Or Folks?
Anyway I have worked on this passage for a long time for a paper
on Isaiah I was writing and finally gave up, so I was interested in
your new reading.
I found it difficult to read your paper, however.
Would you just write out the translation without the commentary?
I think I'd find that easier to read.
Liz Fried
Ann Arbor
> A few days ago, I posted a request for review of the article on Isaiah 53.
> Since I did not receive much replies, I realize that probably most
> participants are too busy to go through a long article. Therefore, let me
> posit here several most relevant questions on the chapter:

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