[b-hebrew] Studying Modern and Biblical Hebrew

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Dear James,
Modern Hebrew would make it very easy for you to gain confidence in your
intermediate level Biblical Hebrew. Can you think of a winter/spring course
in Israel in 2005?
The Home for Bible Translators in conjunction with the Hebrew University of
Jerusalem have a good program for learning both Modern and Biblical Hebrew.
At the Hebrew University , there is  an advanced way of teaching modern
Hebrew to the extend that you will find it more of a help than a hindrance
in learning Biblical Hebrew. You can be in touch with Halvor and Mirja
Ronning for more information through this address:
bibletranslators at jerusalemschool.org). But if you just need learning
resources, then I suggest you order for a copy of "ivrit min hatahalla,
hadash" by Shlomit Chayat, Sara Israeli, and Hiller Kobliner (Jerusalem:
Hebrew University Students Printing and Publishing house, 2000.)
Chemorion Chosefu
Sabaot Bible Translation
P.O.Box 6645 Eldoret (Kenya)
Tel.Office- 053 33794, Personal- 0733 360873
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> I am beginning a self-study refresher of my introductory Hebrew in prep
> an Intermediate Hebrew course in Seminary.  I am considering studying
> Hebrew at the same time to take advantage of the immersion resources
> available (subtitled movies, modern literature in parallel, friends that
> native speakers, etc.)  The biggest drawback I see is learning a lot of
> extra non-Biblical vocab.  Are there other hazzards and pitfalls of this
> course of study?
> James Bowick
> M.Div. Cand., McMaster Divinity College
> Hamilton, Ontario
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