[b-hebrew] Re: agent or patient in Psa. 33:12?

Deborah Millier deborahmillier at yahoo.com
Tue May 11 18:06:09 EDT 2004

Harold H. III wrote:

> It's not what the words 
> suggest. Do a literal 
> translation.... A literal 
> translation doesn't lead to 
> the idea you are suggesting. 

Why not, Harold?  To be honest, I'm not fixated on my
*new* understanding.  It's probably wrong.  I'd just
like to know why it's wrong.

About 3 weeks ago, I was reading along in my "cheapy"
Psalms book (a little printed pocket edition from
Israel) when, as I first ran my eyes across 33:12, I
understood Ha-AM as the agent choosing YHWH.  However,
I remembered how this verse was usually translated and
so peeked over to the English section of my Psalms
book.  Sure enough, they maintained the traditional.

Now, syntactically it's ambiguous.  YHWH would take a
ms verb as would Ha-AM.  So other factors would have
to come into play for translators to consistently
render 33:12 with YHWH as agent choosing the patient

What are those factors...or are all the versions just
following the lead of a seminal translation such as
LXX?  I'm just curious, that's all.  :-)

-- Michael Millier

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