[b-hebrew] Studying Modern and Biblical

Deborah Millier deborahmillier at yahoo.com
Mon May 10 19:55:23 EDT 2004

James Bowick wrote:

> I am beginning a self-study refresher of my
> introductory Hebrew in prep for
> an Intermediate Hebrew course in Seminary.  I am
> considering studying modern
> Hebrew at the same time to take advantage of the
> immersion resources
> available (subtitled movies, modern literature in
> parallel, friends that are
> native speakers, etc.)  The biggest drawback I see
> is learning a lot of
> extra non-Biblical vocab.  Are there other hazzards
> and pitfalls of this
> course of study?

As Yigal said, the grammar in Modern Hebrew is
simpler, yet the vocabulary more developed--often
extending the semantic range of biblical Hebrew words.
 However, in my opinion, the benefits far outweigh the
risks.  You get a certain "feel" for the language when
you study and *speak* Hebrew in its living form.  I
also wish you great success in your endeavors.

-- Michael Millier

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