[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53

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Mon May 10 17:10:34 EDT 2004


Recently, we finished almost a year-long project on literal translation of
the chapter 53, a prophetic cornerstone of Christianity. This work brought
about a translation considerably different from any we are aware of, and
also produced an unusual meaning.

The article submissions to about two dozen journals were rejected without
a single meaningful objection. Nor did any of the reviewers pinpoint flaws
in our argument. "Impossible" was the most common answer. However, as we
see it, this is what Isaiah meant.

We would be glad to post the article (since it is about 80k in size, we
are awaiting for your approval), or you may read it at


We would appreciate your review of this article, and certainly your
comments are important to us.

Sincerely yours,

Vadim Cherny,
Nikolay Bondarchuk

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