[b-hebrew] Studying Modern and Biblical Hebrew

Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at iol.ie
Mon May 10 12:18:49 EDT 2004

Two books on this topic:

Brettler, Marc Zvi. Biblical Hebrew for Students of Modern Israeli Hebrew. 
New Haven: Yale U.P, 2002.

Muraoka, Takamitsu. Modern Hebrew for Biblical Scholars: An Annotated 
Chrestomathy with an Outline Grammar and Glossary. Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1982.



At 03:57 10/05/2004, James Bowick wrote:

>I am beginning a self-study refresher of my introductory Hebrew in prep for
>an Intermediate Hebrew course in Seminary.  I am considering studying modern
>Hebrew at the same time to take advantage of the immersion resources
>available (subtitled movies, modern literature in parallel, friends that are
>native speakers, etc.)  The biggest drawback I see is learning a lot of
>extra non-Biblical vocab.  Are there other hazzards and pitfalls of this
>course of study?
>James Bowick
>M.Div. Cand., McMaster Divinity College
>Hamilton, Ontario
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