[b-hebrew] Re: To Ugaritic or Not to Ugaritic

Reinhard G. Lehmann lehmann at uni-mainz.de
Thu May 6 13:27:42 EDT 2004

Dear Jonatha,

>   If anyone has any other advice I'm all ears.

If you read German, you should take the Ugaritic Textbook by Josef Tropper, Ugaritisch.
Kurzgefasste Grammatik mit Übungstexten und Glossar. 2002. xii + 168 S.
(ISBN 3-934628-12-5) EUR 28,- (http://www.ugarit-verlag.de/ELO.htm).
It is abreast the most recent scholarship and has the same structure like the 1000-pages-Ugaritic grammar by the same author, which makes cross-reading easy. I see that it is necessary to make an additional englisch translation...

As for Syriac, we plan a volume in the same series, too, in English, be Helen Younansardaroud. We hope it will be ready within the next two years.

Apologies for spamming...


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