[b-hebrew] Jer. 17:3 Scribal error?

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Wed May 5 22:48:48 EDT 2004

Dear Karl,

>In Jeremiah 17:3 the first three words is lacking a
>verbal unit where from the context I expect one,
>unless the first word is possibly an error for )RR
>referring to a curse, or possibly for (RR ravaged
>as in alone or without inhabitants. Is there any
>MSS that shows a different spelling? Or is there
>a meaning from a cognate language that can clear
>this up? I checked my concordance which lists
>HRRY under HR meaning mountain.

HH: The Holman Christian Standard Bible handled the phrase by going 
over the verse marker and joining it to the previous verse. I will 
begin at verse 1:

The sin of Judah is written
with an iron stylus.
With a diamond point
it is engraved on the tablet of their hearts
and on the horns of their altars,
while their children remember their altars
and their Asherah poles,
    by the green trees
on the high hills-
My mountains in the countryside.

HH: The HCSB goes with the plural variant listed in the BHS apparatus 
as the reading of Theodotion (compare Syriac, Targum, and Arabic. But 
they preserved the first singular suffix. BHS also wants to connect 
the phrase to verse 2 and asks you to compare all the previously 
named sources (Theodotion, etc.).

				Harold Holmyard

>Karl W. Randolph.
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