[b-hebrew] 1 Sam 5:6 ; Mice & Rats & Plague

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Mon May 3 15:42:44 EDT 2004

Dear Clay,

>Perhaps we should invert this question. What would cause the editors of the
>MT to split the word in two? 1QIsa(a) has lxprprym, Theodotian has parparwq
>(farfaroth) the LXX OG has tois mataiois, Aquila oruktais, Sym. akarmois.
>The LXX OG can be probably be safely ignored, the OG text of Isa. raises
>more problems than it solves. However Theodotian and 1QIsa(a) lend support
>to the single word reading. J.Oswalt (NICOT, Isa) suggests that the MT made
>a mistake by dividing a noun which was formed on a reduplicated pattern. I
>find this comment intriguing. Does Hebrew have reduplicated patterns? Greek
>of course has lots of reduplication but I wasn't aware that it was a common
>characteristic of Hebrew. Is it???

HH: Yes, reduplication is a feature of Hebrew. If you have GKC, check 
at 55d-g for verbs (of course) and 84b (k-p) for nouns.

				Harold Holmyard

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