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Lee Roy Martin a écrit:
 >Can anyone recommend any resources in the French language that might be
 >helpful for teaching Hebrew in Haiti?

As a complement to Emmanuel's post
Weingreen is published by Beauchesne.
The key of the exercices has been published:
Weingreen: Hebreu biblique. Methode elementaire. Corrige des exercices 
by Dominique de la Maisonneuve. 104 p.
Paris: Beauchesne, 1987.
ISBN 2-7010-1162-0

For serious students, the best grammar in French is certainly
Jan P. Lettinga
Grammaire de l’hebreu biblique. 202 p.
Leiden - E.J. Brill, 1980.
ISBN 90-04-06086-3

There is a complementary volume with exercices and readings of the Bible:
Jan P. Lettinga
Grammaire de l’hebreu biblique. Volume complementaire. 114 p.
Leiden - E.J. Brill, 1980.
ISBN 90-04-06086-3

For the Dictionary, Philippe Reymond (1991) is much more useful than 
Sander & Trenel, produced in the mid-XIX century. Reymond, a former 
teacher of Semitic languages, integrates all the philological data of 
the XXth.
Dictionnaire d'Hebreu et d'Arameen Bibliques
Paris : Societe biblique francaise/Editions du Cerf, 2004.
450 p. ISBN : 2204044636

An interesting tool to learn directly with the texts:
Danielle Ellul
Apprendre l'hebreu biblique par les textes.  442 p. (with a companion CD)
Paris : Le Cerf, 2003.
ISBN : 2204072710

I may add that on BibleWork 5 (perhaps also earlier?), there is the 
Haitian Creole Bible (CRL) translation.


Camille Bessette
Carmel de Lisieux

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