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I arrived at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in July 2001, and
asked the computer people to get Hebrew for the computer they put in my
office. In had Windows 98, which was fine for my purposes, but it took the
three months to get the Hebrew support, and even then it wasn't perfect. The
situation in Windows 2000 and up seems to be better, but it's still got some
quirks in it.

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> On 31/03/2004 05:58, Yigal Levin wrote:
> >Dora,
> >
> >In Israel Microsoft sells a Hebrew version of Windows and Office, which
> >right to left. Since native speakers almost never use vowel points, the
> >that many of the various fonts don't support them is not a problem. Of
> >course, Hebrew Office supports English with no difficulty.
> >
> >When I was in the States I found out that the Hebrew version is not sold
> >the US, and that you have to make do with various "language packs" and so
> >on. There is Hebrew software that is used by many American Jews, such as
> >Dagesh and Davka, but since no-one in Israel uses them, they didn't do me
> >much good. I finally got my Word to support Hebrew, but my email did not,
> >I had to either use English or send attachments. On my wife's computer,
> >had Hebrew Outlook Express, but Word documents came through reversed. She
> >would send them to me, and I would print them for her.
> >
> >Who said that life is simple?
> >
> >Yigal
> >
> >
> >
> Yigal, I wonder how old your story is? The situation has been much
> simpler since Windows 2000 came out. The versions sold in Israel and in
> the USA are essentially identical, although the user interfaces may be
> in different languages. The same is true of MS Office 2000 and later.
> Word documents would not be reversed in Word 2000 and later, if Hebrew
> is selected as one of the language supported by the system and by Office.
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