[b-hebrew] question about Song of the Sea

Dora Smith villandra at austin.rr.com
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I have a question - what on earth do people use to send e-mail to people in

Dora Smith
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> The last requirement is the one that I was talking about, because the
> emulation is text-only and pretty well limited to ASCII, so that leaves
out a
> GUI application such as Mozilla.  We have now heard from at least 3 list
> members who are in a similar situation.  This was my point to Dora: the
> spectrum of users here is so diverse that we have to use a system that
> everyone can read.  Hence the transliteration thing.  As my dad used to
> 'tain't right, but it's so.  In an ideal world we would all have
> Unicode-based mail clients.  It ain't an ideal world...
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