[b-hebrew] FlashCards

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Tue Mar 30 12:27:47 EST 2004


	My apologies for the only ancillary subject, but we try our best to 
keep you scholars/profs/students stocked with good free tools.


     Here's a first rev of a small new project: FlashCards.  It seemed 
like an item in demand...  So, here it is with the editor.  It's only a 
rudimentary implementation, but it's basically functional for a first 
release.  Uses the text control and Input Methods we wrote for the 
Leningradensis work (Project eL) a while back. Included are a few Greek 

     It has the ability to assign a font to a lesson.  This feature is 
not tested really well.  I'd love to hear the feedback of how it works 
with auxilliary fonts.  I think Hebrew will still be shifted left in the 
editor, but should go RtoL automatically.

     Just unzip it to a folder somewhere and double-click on either 
Flash.jar or FlashEditor.jar (for the lesson editor).  You might need to 
copy any custom font .ttf file you'd like to try out to the FlashCards 

     If it doesn't run when you double click, you probably don't have 
Java on your box.  Goto: http://java.com and click "Get It Now!" 
(upper-right). Then go back and try double-clicking the .jar again.

     Let me know if it's useful or if you have ideas.  We're hoping to 
have a PocketPC and maybe Palm package ready for testing soon.

         -Troy A. Griffitts.

PS.  Noticed comments in regard to online LXX and other resources.  Our 
latest collaboration with ABS and SBL is online at: 
http://thebibletool.com  The multi-parallel function is one of my 
favourite features.

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