[b-hebrew] question about Song of the Sea

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Tue Mar 30 09:07:49 EST 2004

On 30/03/2004 05:49, Dave Washburn wrote:

>On Tuesday 30 March 2004 04:45, Peter Kirk wrote:
>>On 29/03/2004 12:40, Bill Rea wrote:
>>>Petere wrote:-
>>>>As there are plenty of free e-mail clients now available which do
>>>>support Hebrew, I think it is reasonable to ask those interested in
>>>>Hebrew to install one. After all, if one is really interested in a
>>>>subject one needs to acquire the basic tools for that subject.
>>>Can you point me to a free email client which does the following:-
>>>Runs on Solaris/SPARC
>>>Allows me to set a reply-to address
>>>Runs as an IMAP client to a Microsoft Exchange server (it would
>>>be nice if it could use Microsoft's proprietary protocol but
>>>that's not essential)
>>>Displays Hebrew
>>>Will work over a dail-up line on a VT-100 or other compatible terminal
>>Easy: Mozilla 1.6, with the contributed builds listed at
>>http://www.mozilla.org/releases/#1.6. I'm not sure about the last
>>requirement, but that's an internal matter for the Solaris system.
>The last requirement is the one that I was talking about, because the VT100 
>emulation is text-only and pretty well limited to ASCII, so that leaves out a 
>GUI application such as Mozilla.  We have now heard from at least 3 list 
>members who are in a similar situation.  This was my point to Dora: the 
>spectrum of users here is so diverse that we have to use a system that 
>everyone can read.  Hence the transliteration thing.  As my dad used to say, 
>'tain't right, but it's so.  In an ideal world we would all have graphical, 
>Unicode-based mail clients.  It ain't an ideal world...
Well, of course no one is going to be able to read Hebrew with an 
ASCII-only terminal. That much is obvious. No one is going to be able to 
watch TV on a radio set. But should TV be banned because some people 
don't want to, or can't afford to, buy TVs? Come on, all of you, get 
into the 21st century, or at least into the 1980s, and get a system 
which supports graphics.

But if this is in fact a widespread requirement rather than one for a 
few diehards, I guess it would be possible to set up a text-only version 
of Mozilla Thunderbird. See http://www.mozilla.org/products/thunderbird/.

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