[b-hebrew] question about Song of the Sea

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Tue Mar 30 06:56:34 EST 2004

On 29/03/2004 18:31, Dora Smith wrote:

> I'm not sure anyone quite understood - but one of my two efforts to 
> post that stuff from Strong's and the International Bible Encyclopedia 
> used Unicode.  My e-mail displayed the Hebrew as gibberish - but once 
> I copied and pasted it into WORD and then highlighted the gibberish 
> and changed the font to Hebrew, the Hebrew text returned - and those 
> words that I could recognize were unscathed.  SUS, for instance.  
> Too bad the list isnt at Yahoo, where one can upload files in a 
> variety of formats that can;t be posted to the list or that are 
> intended for permanent reference. 

Does your ISP offer you any web space? If so, you can upload your files 
there, and include a pointer (URL) in your signature, as I do.

> I wouldn't actually want to write an entire post in Hebrew; just a few 
> words.   With their transliterations. 
> I checked; I actually have WL Hebrew Parsons and WP Hebrew David 
> installed on my computer.  Possibly from the searching I did sometime ago.

Dora, your problem is that this is not Unicode Hebrew, but an old and 
non-standard way of writing Hebrew.

> Only questions - how do you get it to write from right to left (It 
> currently writes from left to right) and how do you put the vowel 
> markers in?  
With these old systems, you don't, and effectively you can't write 
Hebrew in any sensible way. I would advise you to download either SBL 
Hebrew (http://www.sbl-site.org/Resources/default.aspx) or the new 
version of Ezra SIL 
These are Unicode Hebrew fonts, and both come with ways of typing Hebrew 
with vowels right to left. These work well with Word 2000 and Windows 
2000 and later; you need Office 2003 only for neat display of accents.

Peter Kirk
peter at qaya.org (personal)
peterkirk at qaya.org (work)

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