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> This is irrelevant. There are international standards for interchange of
> Hebrew text in e-mail, Unicode and ISO 8859-8. Text which is encoded
> according to these standards can be displayed by any standard Hebrew
> font, including (although not very beautifully, as George Somsel pointed
> out re holam) Times New Roman and the other Microsoft core fonts.
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> This is an error of fact. It is quite possible to send Hebrew in plain
> text-only e-mail, as follows: בְּרֵאשִׁית - if you set the character
> to Unicode or ISO 8859-8. If a mail program cannot display this, it is
> not because it is text-only but because it does not support Hebrew.
> (Dora, this is what you failed to do in your posting which was supposed
> to be Unicode; Outlook Express does allow you to do so.)

What exactly do you mean?  WHen I clicked send it gave me some comment about
the text and asked if I wanted to send it in unicode; I clicked to send it
in unicode.   Is this what you mean?    Outlook Express did not then DISPLAY
the Hebrew script as Hebrew, even though Outlook Express has access to teh
same font.   I tried it.   But when I copied and pasted into WORD and then
told WORD to format taht text (the gibberish) in Hebrew, it did with no

But the post that I sent not in Unicode displayed questionmarks instead of
gibberish for the Heberw, and when I copied, pasted and reformatted in WORD
it displayed it as different question marks.

Is there something I 'm supposed to do so that Outlook Express will display
unicode Hebrew script in Hebrew?
> As there are plenty of free e-mail clients now available which do
> support Hebrew, I think it is reasonable to ask those interested in
> Hebrew to install one. After all, if one is really interested in a
> subject one needs to acquire the basic tools for that subject.

Can you please recommend some?

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