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>     Another good reason for using Hebrew text is for the mother tongue
>     Hebrew speakers on the list. It doesn't exactly make things easier
>     for
>     them, or make for better relationships, when we western Christians
>     insist on using our script for their language. We wouldn't be very
>     happy
>     if they wrote our language in their script, would we?
> __________
> Huh?!  What's this supposed to mean.  I wasn't aware we were speaking 
> a Christian language with or without a Hebrew script.  I thought we 
> were discussing biblical Hebrew which of necessity involves what we 
> Christians call the Old Testament but our Jewish friends simply the 
> Bible or the TANAK.  Please explain.
> gfsomsel

I didn't mention a Christian language. But postings on this list are in 
English, which is a western language, and the mother tongue of most of 
the Christians and other Gentiles on this list, as well as of some of 
the Jews. I suspect that almost all the Christians on this list are 
mother-tongue speakers of languages which use Latin script - perhaps not 
George A, and we have had Russians on the list. Perhaps I should have 
been more specific and referred to "we English-speaking Christians" or 
"we Christians whose mother tongue is written in Latin script". And "our 
script" is of course Latin script.

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