[b-hebrew] Fonts etc.

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Mar 29 12:54:13 EST 2004

On 29/03/2004 09:36, Dave Washburn wrote:

>I happen to know of at least one person who has a text-only system, accessed 
>by dialup or telnet into a Unix machine that doesn't have the beef to serve 
>up X-windows applications.  There may well be others.  It's not just a 
>Microsoft world out there (thank God). ...

Amen! But I am not referring only to Unicode. Certainly Linux supports 
Unicode Hebrew, and so do recent versions of MacOS though I am not sure 
how good this is yet.

>... There really is a reason why we 
>primarily use transliteration for our discussions here.
I realise that there are some people in this kind of situation at 
present - although I would be surprised if the Unix system is actually 
incapable of processing Unicode plain text. So I would agree that we 
should for the time being use transliteration as well as Hebrew text.

Another good reason for using Hebrew text is for the mother tongue 
Hebrew speakers on the list. It doesn't exactly make things easier for 
them, or make for better relationships, when we western Christians 
insist on using our script for their language. We wouldn't be very happy 
if they wrote our language in their script, would we?

Peter Kirk
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