[b-hebrew] quesiton about Song of the Sea

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WaY.e):SoR )eT_RiC:B.ow?

werikbo/ werokbo?

> (shalishim) ?


HELP!!!!    I'm sticking to Hebrew script!   My dyslexia can't handle this!

I'm starting to not even be able to make sense out of English!


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> > I'm not sure that this is an adequate answer.  If RKB means the one who
> > sitting upon that which is ridden, then certainly even poetic license
> would not
> > account for calling a person a "rider" of a horse before horses were
> generally
> > used in such fashion.  I would suggest rather that RKB in Ex 15.1 does
> > mean "rider" but rather "chariot."  If we look at Ex 14.6, it states
> > WaY.e):SoR )eT_RiC:B.ow. "and he yoked his chariot."  I would therefore
> suggest that
> > we should understand 15.1 in this sense "the horse and its chariot . .
> >
> Nice idea - read "sus werikbo" instead of "sus werokbo". I suppose that
> semantically it's possible. But would the chariot be spoken of as
> to the horse? Verse 4 speaks of "markebot par(oh wexeylo" - the chariots
> Pharaoh and his troop. Note the use of "merkaba" for chariot, rather than
> "rekeb". The chariots belonged to Pharaoh, not to the horses. From the
> context, I'd stick with "horse and his rider". I have no idea whether the
> Egyptians used cavalry in the 12th century, but even if this is an
> anachronism, I can live with that. As I've already said, I don't think
> anyone can prove that this is a particularly early text.
> By the way, does anyone have any new ideas about what the "$l$ym"
> (shalishim) of verse 4 are?
> Yigal
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