[b-hebrew] Horse and Rider -- Hebrew writing program and script

Dora Smith villandra at austin.rr.com
Sun Mar 28 15:09:42 EST 2004

Hey, I just posted two whole posts - to Polycarp!   I'm used t lists that
reply replies to hte list.  I couldn't figure out how the first one fell
into hyperspace.

My new QuickVerse program has some basic reference works, including the
International STandard Bible Encyclopedia and Strong's Exhaustive
Concordance.  I was able to get the information on the vocabularly words I
just requested.  Atleast as far as what Hebrew words are used.

But can't post it.  I really can't deal with English transliteratons of
Hebrew.  I can't read them.  They make no sense to me.   I can only deal
with Hebrew script.  And I don't know why all of you competent scholars
would be bothering with English transliterations of Hebrew.

I need a free downloadable program in which I can write i Hebrew and a
Hebrew font - or a font I can use with a program I already own.

 And it has to include vowel markers.  I can't read Hebrew without the
markers - and in this case it wouldn't convey all of the information to
those who can read Hebrew without vowel markers, since two of the pertinent
words are spelled exactly the same way if the vowel markers are left off,
which leaves it unclear that these are two words with distinct meanings.   I
think even the author of the articles in International Standard Biblical
Encyclopedia got confused - to judge from what he wrote.

I own WORD and Notespad (the sophisticated text editing program with tabs).

I also have the ability to make an image file from smaller images and text
boxes - if anyone knows of a Hebrew "font" of image files.

If all else fails - does anyone know of a free downloadable drawing program
that will actually let you draw freehand?  I own several such programs - but
they all work from preformatted shapes!


Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
villandra at austin.rr.com
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> Regarding the claims that the Egyptians did not ride horses before the 8th
> century BCE- that is an old notion which has been "disproven". A wooden
> model exists of an Egyptian sitting on a horse found in a tomb and another
> tomb had a bas-relief showing an Egyptian riding a horse (If I recall
> rightly they were both of the New Kingdom period, ca. 1530-1200 BCE).
> ________
> Incidentally, you are correct regarding the earlier domestication of the
> horse and its utilization for riding rather than as a pack animal or a
> animal.  See (under HORSE IV).
> http://www.equiworld.net/uk/horsecare/evolution/domestication.htm
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