[b-hebrew] Psa 107:19-21 (was WAYYIQTOL)

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Sat Mar 27 15:36:53 EST 2004

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> It would be helpful to me and perhaps to others on the list to have a
> bibliography of the key articles/monographs ...

Of course there is Robert Longacre's, Joseph : a story of divine providence
: a text theoretical and textlinguistic analysis of Genesis 37 and 39-48 /
Winona Lake : Eisenbrauns, 1989.

and there is an excellent critique of Longacre's Model see:

Heimerdinger, Jean-Marc. Topic, focus and foreground in ancient Hebrew
narratives, Sheffield Academic Press, c1999. See pages 52-100 for critique
of Longacre's Model. If you are short on time skip to page 75 and start
reading there. 

The above discuss WAYYIQTOL within a larger framework.

Clay Bartholomew 

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